Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Musings

I hate off days. I really do. And to make things worse? It's the third Monday in a row the Mets have been off. If you've ever seen "Office Space" you would understand that I "have a case of the Mondays." If you haven't seen the movie, it's an absolute must. I strongly urge you see it if you think that a) work sucks b) Monday sucks c) Jennifer Aniston is cute d) both A & B e) All of the above. Classic.

Anyway, I digress. Off days provide ample opportunity to tell you about all sorts of miscellaneous tidbits you could probably care less about.

But, as always, here goes anyway...

Something I find interesting and/or surprising:

Ok, in my research (which is far from extensive or difficult) I was mildly surprised to find Roy Halladay's name in the top 10 of the National League for most losses (6). The Phillies are also only 8-7 as a team when he pitches. My conclusion?

Where do we stand?

39-30, 2.5 games behind first place Atlanta, 1/2 game ahead of San Francisco for the wild card lead.

Something mildly funny, yet tragically sad: Big Bird is at it again...

(Photograph courtesy of Getty Images)

Something 3 months overdue:  

Jenrry Mejia has been sent down to AA Binghamton to presumably lengthen himself out and fine tune his secondary pitches in hopes of becoming a starter for the big club.

My wishes for your Monday:

I hope you make it happily through the day.

-Tom Greenhalgh (6/21/10)

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