Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mejia and Pagan Is Too Much For Lee

The Mets and Twins are reportedly the frontrunners for Cliff Lee, according to Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times. The Twins have what the Mariners want most - a great catching prospect that will never see the light of day behind Mauer - but the Mets may be willing to counter that by giving up both Angel Pagan and Jenrry Mejia.

I don't even know where to begin with why this is a bad trade.

I guess I'll start off with the obvious. Many Mets fans are under the impression that it is a possibility that not only can the Mets make a deal for Cliff Lee, but that they can also sign him to an extension in the process.

That's not going to happen. Lee will head into free agency because he's going to be able to get an absurdly ridiculous deal based largely on how good he is, and also largely on how big his name has become. A team like the Yankees will surely throw lots of zeros at him, and if not that, numerous other teams will create a bidding war much like we're going to see in the near future of the NBA.

So, what if the Mets trade for him, could they feel secure about being able to re-sign him after the year?

Short answer, no.

There will be absolutely no security in this deal. None. Well, you may argue, but he wants to exact revenge on Philadelphia. Unfortunately that isn't the real problem - Lee didn't hate Philadelphia for any reason other than that they didn't show him the money. If loyalty were any bit of an issue, wouldn't he still be in Philadelphia? So, to sum, even if he pitches the Mets to a World Series this year (far from a guarantee contrary to popular belief) why in the world would he take less money to re-sign?

Well, he won't. Remember when Mike Hampton left after 2000?

Now, as for who the Mets are thinking about dealing here: Angel Pagan and Jenrry Mejia. That is waaaaaaaaay too much for a guy who is going to walk after the season. I don't care if Beltran is coming back or not, Pagan has been the heart and soul of this team, and arguably its best player all year. He has the necessary tools to be really good for a long time. Then there's Mejia. He likely won't be the next Doc Gooden, but you can't deny he has a bright future.

It's just too much for a rental.

And to top it off, Cliff Lee will be 32 next year. So, even if the Mets miraculously find a way and the gods shine down on us, why would you expect what Cliff Lee did between 28 and 31 when he is approaching his mid to late 30's?

Anyone? Anyone?


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  1. Before all is said and done, Angel Pagan needs to stay a Met. Nothing is gauranteed about Beltran. In my opinion, Beltran will not be the same player he was before being injured. He's another year older, his range will be limited in center field, and who knows how his bat is going to be?? I have never been one of those folks who have jumped on Carlos' bandwagon. As for Lee, he's gone after the season, no matter who picks him up.